Ballast is a DeFi infrastructure initiative built on Sui, an upcoming and scalable L1 solution. The on-chain DeFi suite by Ballast provides a CEX-competitive experience to DeFi users.

Founded in November 2022, Ballast is one of the first products to offer a complete trading suite solution on Sui. The advantages of the suite model include better user experience compared to a simple AMM : flexible liquidity, easy access for institutional traders, secure and transparent on-chain verification, opportunity to price different types of instruments, and trading robots interoperability.

The Ballast infrastructure unlocks the opportunity to change various types of assets with different levels of complexity in the DeFi space including but not limited to perpetual & quarterly futures, power perpetuals, floor perpetuals, options, exotic options, everlasting options, options vaults, basis trading, fixed yield, structured products, and RFQ.

Our mission

Ballast aims at providing Sui users and projects with a comprehensive infrastructure for building and trading on-chain spot assets and derivatives, and ensuring a CEX-competitive user experience. Thus, Ballast’s mission is the extension of DeFi services offered on Sui and other blockchains as well as the attraction and onboarding of the CeFi audience to on-chain trading and investments.

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